• 4 Conversations You Should Have With An Accountant

    Accounting services cover a lot of domains, and it can leave the clients of accountants wondering what they need to talk about. If you're worried that you're not making the most of working with a professional, here are four accounting conversations you should have. The Art of Documentation If there's one thing you can do to become your accountant's favorite client, it would be to get your documentation in order. This goes beyond simply keeping the books straight.
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  • Should You Hire A CPA? 3 Reasons Why You Should

    Filing your own taxes may have been simple back when you had a part-time job and had absolutely nothing at all to claim. Now you're married with kids, your wife has a side-job, you have a mortgage, student loans, child care, and a lot of other things you didn't have to think about before when you filed your taxes yourself. Now things are a little more difficult. This is when a certified public accountant (CPA)  may come in handy.
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